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Joined: 3rd Apr 2014
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2nd May 2014

I am not sure if u  all are aware but as of late we are losing guys because no one has been playin.   We got 2 address  this issue. Hell we went from 14 plus active members 2 less than 7 for christ sake. Please give comment and ideas.
Joined: 3rd Apr 2014
Rank: DFF Co-Founder
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3rd May 2014

Well most of the leadership has been busy, which will change soon. I've been trying to adjust to working third shift. We'll get it back

Sometimes I feel like Anarchy is the answer.

Joined: 1st Apr 2014
Rank: DFF Founder
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3rd May 2014

Everyone has been very busy the last week or so....Kyle is finishing up college this week and will be on a lot after he is done.
Tom will be back on almost everyday....Just need to take care of some things

The new private servers should be up soon, we are all looking forward to this.....Its going to be a great summer to continue building the Platoon, we will be recruiting more quality players...

Sorry to all the dedicated players for the lull in activity this Platoon is far from dead
Forum » Forums » News & Announcements
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