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Registration Agreement
                                     MEMBER RULES

Fair Play
DFF Delta Force prides itself on being an anti-hack community. Any member using game tweaking, macros or hacks will be banned.

Please respect your fellow clan members and all the players on the server. Members will  receive 3 strikes and then be kicked from the clan. Member to member hacking accusations are to be kept professional by notifing an DFF Leader privately. We take hacking accusations extremely serious  but  we will not tolerate public party or game rage. This can result in a penalty. Problems between members can be resolved between themselves or can be  counseled by DFF L eader.

Party Chat Activity
You must have a headset and microphone.

Our universal language is English. Please speak English on our clan servers.

We hope that members will take the opportunity of our community to the fullest and not join other communities, however this is not disallowed.

Clan Tags
We strongly encourage all members to wear the DFF tags on all servers

Server Players Ban Appeal Section
This section is open to players to appeal against an administration server kick or ban. Members must not post in the section.

Bouncing Members
There is only a certain amount of times that a Member will be allowed leave and rejoin the clan as this puts the clan itself in a delicate position. Re-application is based on the manner of how the ex-member left. Example: members that go out in a aggressive 'big bang' will not be allowed to return; members that simply go AFK and return are welcomed back.

Penalty Procedure
Members who occur a minor offensive will be given 1 strike per offensive. After totaling a 3rd strike that member will be asked to leave.

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